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Mindset Reset for Your Health Success

For years I attempted to eat healthy and lose weight with no progress. I felt like I was caught in some kind of extended groundhog’s day. I would start some weeks off with an intense attitude of “this is a fresh start.” I’d pump myself up and declare “This is it! I am really going to stick to it this time”.

I would usually sail through Wednesday feeling accomplished, but come Thursday I was either offered free lunch at work (which of course I said yes to immediately) or I was bringing home take out food. Later in the night, I naturally felt remorse for what I ate. 

“Why did I give in? I was doing so well!” “Can I ever stick to anything?”

In other attempts, I was actually able to stick to eating healthy for a whole month! Everyone praised me for my willpower. I would be feeling proud about what I had achieved so far until an event of some kind would arise: a birthday party, a concert, a convention, etc.  At these events I would definitely eat multiple things that were not exactly healthy and were “off plan”.

You can bet I had an amazing time at these events, but at some point that old guilty mindset would creep back in.

"I have no willpower to stick to this."

So here is the thing… 

I am here to tell you that this kind of mindset was the only thing holding me back from creating healthy and long-lasting habits.

Mindset is not a new concept, but it took me quite some time to truly understand that making changes that last come from an active positive mindset. 

If you can practice resetting your mindset to a positive one, you can create healthy habits that will last and allow you to reach your health goals.

In this post I am going to dive into how a negative mindset is affecting your health journey, why you should break free from your current mindset and what you can do to start shifting your mindset today.

What you’re really saying when you say “I fell of the wagon”

These words paint a very strong image for the mind. An image of you no longer moving forward. You halt your journey towards your goal. You are telling your subconscious mind that you have messed up and need to start over.

There is a common concept around diets that you’re either on the “health wagon” or you fell off, but how perfect you are on a diet does not define your journey.  What we forget is that diets are nothing more than tools used along the journey to aid you in creating healthy habits of your own. 

Break free from this mind trap

You must break free from this current mindset because the only difference between you and someone who continually creates healthy habits–whether a friend, a coworker, or your favorite health guru– is a mindful presence when making decisions. 

Mindful and Mindfulness Definition

We often look at the moments when we decide to eat something “bad” or “off plan” as separate from our health or weight loss journey, but those moments are just as important as the decision to eat a salad for lunch.

What was it that made you feel compelled to eat all the candy or pizza?

Was it out of habit? Was it because you were exhausted from work and did not want to make any decisions? Were you sad and just wanted to be comforted?

Learning why you do what you do unlocks the door to your health success.

Being mindful takes practice, but with more practice it becomes natural.

I have 3 simple steps to help you start shifting your mindset and a downloadable worksheet to start taking action right away!

3 steps to start shifting your mindset

  1. Set a quickly attainable positive outcome

    Health or weight loss goals that focus on appearance don’t always light the fire needed to consistently create healthy habits. Dig deeper and give yourself a relatively quick and attainable positive outcome.

    Example: For a long time I wanted to lose weight around my stomach. I thought that was a doable goal because I just wanted a flatter stomach not a six pack. The weight around my stomach would not budge. That goal was never enough for me because I always found a way to hide it with baggy clothes.
    Quick attainable positive outcome: I will have less bloating and less stomach aches which means I will feel good.

  2. Be present when making decisions

    Everyday we make decisions. We make so many decisions daily that we tend to go into autopilot because in the moment instant gratification seems to be most important. This is when we often say “I fell off” or “I have no willpower” because we were not present in making our decisions.

    Example: I recently completed a program called The 21-Day Sugar detox program because I wanted to explore the possible effects sugar & dairy were having on my skin and stomach. It was difficult because I absolutely love cheese.

    Being present in decision making: In moments when I craved cheese the most, I gave myself 1-2 minutes to ask myself a question or two. How is my skin looking today? How is my stomach feeling? Since I liked how blemish free my skin was and how my stomach was not upset, I wanted to continue my commitment to the program.

  3. Truly accept the daily decisions you make & move forward regardless of the outcome.

    Yesterday you decided not to eat that piece of cake but today you decided to share some fries with a friend. That is okay! Accept this decision and always move forward. You can not guilt trip yourself and progress in your journey at the same time. Use this choice you made to become aware of how that food made your body feel. Use that awareness and experience as a tool to help you make your future decisions.

Your success is not dependent on some idea of willpower that you naturally have or don’t have. You are in control of your journey. Your success is dependent on your presence in your journey. Be present in the choices you make, accept your decisions and always move forward to your goal because you and I both know that you can reach them!

So! I really want to help you be successful in your health journey, so I created a downloadable Mindset Reset Worksheet to help you start shifting your mindset today. Subscribe below and I will send it to you right away after you confirm your subscription! (Check your spam or promo inboxes)

Once you receive your worksheet, print it out or type your answers in the PDF. Use it as many times as needed to get use to being mindful on your journey.

I want to start practicing a positive mindset!

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Mindset Freebie

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How important do you find mindset to be?

Thanks for reading!



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My mission is to be a resource and a guiding light on your health journey. I want to empower you to heal from within with a healthy lifestyle.

  • Edwarda Marie Adamo
    Posted at 18:18h, 23 March Reply

    Oh I really needed this today. I have been sssoooo bad and I have been nothing but negative towards myself. I really appreciate you sharing your journey and I find a lot of comfort to know I’m not alone. Thank you!

    • Nicole
      Posted at 10:21h, 24 March Reply

      I’m so glad you found this comforting! And that’s right you’re not alone feeling this way. Build yourself up on your journey 😊 Sending you all the positive vibes girl!!

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